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Vim Tips

Record my commonly used commands in the form of a memo, and will continue to increase according to usage in the future.

# Commands Comment
0 vimtutor vim tutor with shell
1 :help user-manual User manual overview
2 :help usr_02.txt User manual
3 :help index All commands for each mode
4 :help insert-index/visual-index/... All commands for insert/visual/… mode
5 :help -t vim -t {tag}
6 :help E37 ‘error inf E37…’ explanation
7 :help <command> Command’s manual
8 :help w Common commands
9 :help c_Ctrl-D Command-line Editing commands
10 :help vimrCtrl-intro vimrc introduction
11 :r $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim Read vimrc example
12 Ctrl-A or Tab Automaticly transfer $VIMRUNTIME as :r /usr/share/vim/vim80/
13 :help helphelp Help on help files
14 help help help on help commands
Command Line Editing: : / ? !
0 :help ex-edit-index All commands for command-line
1 / ? Forward or reverse search, n, N - next/previous
2 :e <path/to/file> Open <path/to/file> ,:e for reloading
3 :saveas <path/to/file> Save to <path/to/file>
4 :x, ZZ , :wq Save and quit (:x only save if necessary)
5 :q! Quit without saving, also: :qa! to quit even if there are modified hidden buffers
6 :bn/bp Next/previous file buffer
7 :[%]s/old/new/[gcI] Replace,% - whole file, gc globally and confirm, I - ?
8 :3,5s/old/new/g Replace from 3 to 5 line
9 :set hls[earch]/nonhls highlight all matching phrases or not
10 :set [no]ic, 'ignorecase' ignore upper/lower case when searching or not
11 \c Ignore capital, likes /ignor\c,:s/old\c/new/g
12 :set [no]is, 'incsearch' show partial matches for a search phrase or not
13 sp[lit] vsp :help split,Split screen horizontal or vertical
14 :vertical res/res + num Set the width or height
15 Ctrl-W + Ctrl-W/HJKL Move between/among splitted screens
16 Ctrl-W _(resp. Ctrl-W |) Maximise the size of the split (resp. vertical split)
17 Ctrl-W +(resp. Ctrl-W -) Grow (resp. shrink) split
18 Ctrl-W = Evenly allocate size
19 :set [no]scb, 'scrollbind' Sync the screens which this option is set
20 :Ctrl-D Show a list of commands
21 <TAB> Complete , likes :edi[t],:!fin[d] and others. like name
22 :set showmode Tell you which mode you are on the last line
23 :r !ls Put ls’s output below the cursor
24 :r <file> Put the contents of file below the cursor
25 :map Y y$ Map Y command yank to the end of line, map shortcut
26 :set [no]nu[mber] Hider/display line number
27 :set mouse=[all] Enable mouse usage (all modes)
28 :se[t] Show all options that differ from their default value
29 :se[t] all Show all but terminal options.
Normal Mode: ESC Ctrl-[ Ctrl-C Back to Normal Mode
0 :help normal-index All commands for normal mode
1 [n]command Excute n times command, likes 10itest, insert 10 test
2 Ctrl-D/Ctrl-U,hjkl Move down or up,…
3 0,^,$,g_ Go to the first/last column or non-blank character
4 [N]G, :N Go to line N
5 gg,G Go to the start of the file, to last line
6 w, e , b 2w,3e Go to the start/end of next word, start of previous word
7 W,E,B Go to the start/end of next/previous Group
8 fa/F,, ; Go to next/previous ‘a’ on the line,3fa go to 3rd ‘a’, , ; next/previous
9 t,/T , ; Go to before/after ,, , ; next/previous
10 % Go to next corresponding item, likes ([{}],#ifdef/#endif)
11 *,# Go to next/previous occurence of the word, :set hls will highlight them
12 x,J Delete char, rm line break
13 Ctrl-A Increment the number
14 U/u,Ctrl-R Undo all latest changes on one line or undo one changes, redo changes
15 Ctrl-O,Ctrl-I Go to older/newer cursor possitons,support switching files
16 Ctrl-] jumps to the location of the tag given by the word under the cursor
17 Ctrl-T (pop tag) takes you back to the preceding position
18 Ctrl-G Prints the current file name, the cursor position, etc.
19 Te(gt gT),Ve[!],He[!] Create a Tab/Vertical/Horizontal page, gt/gT - next/previous, ! -> switch split place
EX commands:
0 :help ex-cmd-index All commands for ex-cmd
1 man vim
2 :!<command> :!which shutdown Excute shell command
3 Ctrl-Z fg Pause vim, back to vim
4 vim -pO/o[N] files... Open N/one(when N is omitted) tab page for each file,o Horizontal, O-Vertical
5 vim -n No swap file will be used
6 Ctrl-Shift-C,Ctrl-Shift-V Copy and Paste, supports outside of vim
Insert Mode: a i r s Enter Insert Mode
0 :help insert-index All commands for insert mode
1 r,R gR Replace mode,gR:visual mode replace
2 Ctrl-N, Ctrl-P Completion,complete the word from start of word
Visual Mode: v V Ctrl-V Ctrl-Q Enter visual Mode, CTRL-Q insteads Ctrl-V(used to paste) in Insert and Command-line mode.
0 :help visual-index All commands for visual mode
1 v/V/Ctrl-V Select char/line/block
2 Ctrl-V + Shift-I + ESC Add same content at beginning of all lines of block
3 Ctrl-V + [$] + Shift-A + ESC Add same content at the end of block[or all lines]
4 y,d Yank,delete selected content in visual mode
5 Y ,yy Yank the current line
6 J Join all lines together
7 <, > Indent to the left, to the right
8 = Auto indent
Op pending Mode c d y < >
1 c[N]{motion} c2w,ce,c$ Delete motion text and start insert
2 y,d{motion} y$,d$,dt{?}, Np Yank/Delete {motion} text, paste N times
3 y,d,D/d$ Yank,delete the selected content, delete until the end
4 Y ,yy Yank the current line
5 yl Yanks a letter
6 yaw Yanks a word
7 yas Yanks a sentence
8 yi( Yanks everything within ( and so on…
9 p pastes something after the cursor
10 P pastes something before the cursor
11 gp same as p but puts the cursor after the pasted selection
12 gP same as P and puts the cursor after the pasted selection
13 <, > Undent and indent
Supper Mode
0 v+:->:'<,'>w flie Save selected content in a new file
1 ./N. Repeat one/N times the last cmd
2 N<command> Repeat the command N times,likes 2dd,3p
3 100icontent Write 100 times content,.->100 times again, 3.->3 times, not 300
4 <start position><command><end position> Command from start positon to end position,y,v (visual select), gU (uppercase), gu (lowercase) ...
5 0y$ Yank from beginning to end of this line
6 ye Yank from here to end of word
7 y2/foo Yank up to second foo
8 <action>a/i<object> Only be used after an operator in visual mode,action:y,d,v..., object:w,W,s,p,",',),},]
9 vis Select the current sentence
10 vip Select the current paragraph
Suppose the cursor is on the first o of (map (+) ("foo"))
11 vi" Select foo
12 va" Select "foo"
13 vi) Select "foo"
14 va) Select ("foo")
15 v2i) Select map (+) ("foo")
16 v2a) Select (map (+) ("foo"))
17 :[n]cnext To go to the [n] next one error
18 :copen All matches are available in the quickfix window which can be opened
19 qa,@a Start recording your actions in a register, replay the action,
20 @@ A shortcut to replay the last executed macro
21 "kyy Copy the current line into k register
22 "Kyy Append the current line into k register
23 "kp Paste k regiser
24 "+p Paste from system clipboard on Linux
25 "*p To paste from system clipboard on Windows (or from “mouse highlight” clipboard on Linux)
26 :reg To access all currently defined registers type
Suppose on a line containing only the number 1
27 qaYp<Ctrl-A>q qa Start recording Yp duplicate this line Ctrl-A increment the number q stop recording
28 @a Write 2 under the 1
29 @@ Write 3 under the 2
30 100@@ Create a list of increasing numbers until 103
31 Global: :g:%
32 ggvG$ Select all content
33 :%d delete every line
34 :%y yank every line
35 :%normal! >> indent every line
36 :g/^/d delete every line
37 :g/^/y yank every line
38 :g/^/normal! >> indent every line

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